Nursing bra
Nursing bra

Nursing bra

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Ono-506, Nursing bras "Baby Ono", with silver ions:

The bra is designed to provide elegance and comfort for a nursing mother.

This modern bra is made in a unique technology from MERYL SKINLIFE fiber with silver ions.

It is a bacteriostatic (antibacterial) fiber that maintains the natural balance of the skin, regardless of the level of physical activity of the body.

Antibacterial protection - permanent (it is not washed out after numerous washes and retains its properties until the end of the product's life).

MERYL SKINLIFE (unlike other antibacterial materials) does not lower the level of bacteria below what is usually present on the skin and thus maintains its natural balance. It is known that human skin normally contains a certain amount of bacteria. A high level of bacteria, as well as their complete absence, gives rise to a number of problems, such as allergies, dysbiosis, irritation, unpleasant odor and inflammation.

MERYL SKINLIFE guarantees the maintenance of the natural biological balance of the skin, does not completely destroy its flora, but prevents the appearance of new bacteria (regardless of the level of physical activity of a person). At the same time, it does not harm the natural protective flora of the skin, maintaining its normal level.

The exceptional fineness of the MERYL SKINLIFE fiber guarantees its extra softness.

MERYL SKINLIFE fiber has a high ability to absorb moisture - the skin remains dry.

The exceptional lightness of the MERYL SKINLIFE fiber guarantees exceptional comfort.

The padded design ensures a perfect fit and fits any silhouette, while the seamless design makes the bra ideal for supporting your bust without causing pain in problem areas.

The detachable cup allows you to quickly and easily switch to the process of feeding your baby.