Maternity support belt, cotton
Maternity support belt, cotton

Maternity support belt, cotton

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Medical elastic supporting predelivery pants

Composition: 90% cotton, 10% elastan

Medical elastic supporting predelivery pants are designed to ease lower back strain and support the woman’s abdomen during pregnancy.

They are made of elastic fabric with a high cotton content which renders gentle support to your growing stomach without restricting foetal development and helps your baby to get into the correct foetal position, thus reducing the risk of complications.

An additional 8 cm wide elastic band supports the muscles of abdomen and lower back during pregnancy.

The band will help you feel comfortable with your increasing weight and size, allow easy walking and prevent the development of stretch marks.

Please use the accompanying table to choose the size of your supporting maternity briefs.

Wash in warm water not exceeding +40°С. Do not rub or wring the garment during washing. Do not iron.

Recommended period of use – 1 year.

Guaranteed period of storage – 5 years from the date of manufacture written on the package.


SizeGirth of the hips according to the picture(cm)
38 S 88 - 92
40 M 93 - 97
42 L 98 - 102
44 XL 103 - 107
46 2XL 108 - 112
48 3XL 113 - 117
50 4XL 118 - 122
52 5XL 123 - 127