“Sweet Mama” was found in 2003. It is represented in Latvia as one of the largest network of multi-brand stores for the modern maternity clothing, lingerie and accessories.

     We offer a wide variety of products from leading brands manufactured in Italy, Germany, Netherlands, England, Czech Republik, Poland and Latvia.

     The main priority of our company is to individually serve every client and provide a fast response to customer’s requests and wishes. Trained and caring staff can help you to create a stylish look and select color scheme that would emphasize the individuality of every woman. Besides comfortable and stylish maternity clothing, you can find here specially designed lingerie and underwear, swimwear, and high quality makeup products.

“Discount Card”

Klienta karte

You can receive our free “Discount Card” by filling up an application with a purchase of 50 EUR or more.

With the card you can receive 5% discount on all maternity products for 1 year.

There are special offers for the frequent shoppers every month.

Our Partners